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Break #019 - 2021 UFC Hobby Hybrid H2 x2

by Panini
Sold out
Break #019 Contains:
2 x 2021 UFC Hobby Hybrid H2 x2

This is a random weight class break. Every participant will receive a random weight class and will receive all cards from that weight class. 

11 Weight Divisions (Men's Featherweight and Women's Featherweight will be one category!)

  • Women's Strawweight
  • Women's Flyweight
  • Women's Bantamweight
  • Men's Flyweight
  • Men's Bantamweight
  • Men's Featherweight and Women's Featherweight
  • Men's Lightweight
  • Men's Welterweight
  • Men's Middleweight
  • Men's Light Heavyweight
  • Men's Heavyweight
Names will be randomised five times and teams will be randomised five times.

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For more information in relation to Breaks please read our Break FAQ.

Shipping must be purchased Separately from the Live Breaks area of our website when you are ready to have your cards shipped.

Each box contains Six Prizm parallels!

Look for 6 Prizm parallels per box, on average!

Collect the unique three-tiered base set of Select with Concourse, Premier Level and Cageside cards!

Pull H2-exclusive Disco base and autograph parallels!

Chase the elusive Octagonside Silver Prizms!


BASE SET - CONCOURSE GOLD DISCO PRIZMS/BASE SET - PREMIER LEVEL GREEN DISCO PRIZMS/BASE SET - CAGESIDE BLACK DISCO PRIZMS: Look for an array of stunning, unique parallels across all three base sets in Select. Chase an array of H2-Exclusive Disco parallels!

SIGNATURES BLACK DISCO PRIZMS/ROOKIE SIGNATURES GOLD DISCO PRIZMS/OCTAGON ACTION SIGNATURES DISCO PRIZMS: Find a variety of top-tier signers, including the first autographed memorabilia cards of the 2021 UFC release year!

4 Packs Per Box, 6 Cards Per Pack