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Live Break FAQ

What is a group break?

Group breaks consist of individuals buying a random or allocated team spot in an individual sealed box, a sealed case or a mixture of a number of sealed boxes. All cards are shipped out from all products opened live.

Buying a spot in a group break means you are buying a digital good. Digital goods are not covered by PayPal buyers protection. Some teams will not receive any cards at all in some cases as their team did not pull any cards during a group break. In the event that you did not receive any cards during the Group Break you will not receive a refund.

What breaks fo you offer?

RANDOM: When you purchase a spot through the website, the team you will receive will be dependant on a random draw via which is conducted lat the start of the break. All teams will be priced the same. Only the team will be randomised on FIVE times.

PICK YOUR TEAM (PYT): Pick your team is when you choose a pre-determined team from the website as your spot. spot prices will be priced accordingly to a particular team.

Where do you break?

We break live on our Facebook group:

And our youtube page


Shipping costs are extra and can be purchased separately under the Breaks tab. Ship as little or as much of the collection you have accumulated and we will send out your cards within two days of purchasing the shipping.
Standard shipping will be $8 and Express shipping will be $13. All parcels will be tracked. 


Single Player Cards

Cards will be awarded to the team that is listed on the card name plate and NOT the jersey worn.

Multi Player Cards

Cards that have multiple players present will each receive one spot in a random on Whoever is at the top of the list after five randoms receives the card.

Cards with alternate Teams

If a card is pulled of a player wearing a defunct teams jersey, that card will go to the team that they are today.

If a Retired Players card is pulled wearing an All Star jersey or an Olympic jersey that card will go to the team they played the most amount of games with.

If an Active Players card is pulled wearing an All Star jersey or an Olympic jersey that card will go to the team they currently play with.